Get Pre-Approved In Just 48 Hours

Special mortgage pre-approval offers

for first-time home buyers.

Are you looking to buy a house? Team BobCat Mortgages can help you get pre-qualified for a mortgage in just 48 hours. We work with over 50 mortgage lenders across Canada to get you the best rates. Apply with us today and lock your interest rate for 120 days! 


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Why Choose Team BobCat Mortgages?

Highly experienced & licensed mortgage professionals

Apply online, using phone, or in-person

Custom-made solutions for your mortgage needs

Get the best rates from multiple mortgage lenders

Free and no-obligation mortgage pre-approval

No hidden fees

Only available during business hours

Option to choose between 1-3 lenders

Only 1 mortgage solution offered

Hidden fees

Team BobCat Mortgages



Initial Consultation

Team BobCat Mortgages will get in touch with you to discuss your mortgage requirements, down payment, and purchasing costs. We’ll walk you through different mortgage options and narrow down the best ones for your needs. 


Pre-Approval Application

With your consent, Team BobCat Mortgage will fill out a mortgage application form and get a credit bureau report. You will have to provide details including employment, assets, income, and down payment amount. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, you can only pay 5% down payment. 


Get Pre-Approved

Team BobCat Mortgages will get back to you with a list of mortgage lenders that are ready to offer you a pre-approved mortgage. We’ll assist you in preparing all necessary documents including a down payment confirmation and income confirmation. 

We’re experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Real people who’ll help you find the best mortgage rates. 

Simple Mortgage Approval Process

Why Get Pre-Approved For Mortgage? 

It will tell you how much mortgage you qualify for and what kind of home you can buy.

Most lenders lock the interest rate offered to you for up to 120 days. With increasing interest rates, doing this gives you enough time for house hunting.

If you’re a first-time homebuyer entering the competitive Canadian real estate industry, you’re going to need a pre-approved mortgage to win the bidding battle.


Mortgage pre-approval-related questions. We'd like to answer any other questions you have. 

Mortgage pre-approval takes up to 48 hours. During this time, mortgage lenders will verify your financial documents, identification, and employment records. For mortgage approval in Ontario, trust Team BobCat Mortgages to offer you the best mortgage solutions for your needs.

How long does it take for pre-approval?

Yes, we do cover all kinds of mortgages including refinancing and debt consolidation, first-time home buyers, second mortgage, reverse mortgage, and pre-construction mortgage. For more information, kindly visit our services page.

Does Team BobCat Mortgages offer any other mortgage services?

Team BobCat Mortgages will help you acquire mortgage pre-approval for all kinds of properties including residential and commercial. We work with over 50 lenders across Canada who offer custom mortgage solutions to meet your needs.

What type of property do you help acquire a mortgage for?

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage gives you a clear idea about the amount of home loan you qualify for. It’s especially crucial for first-time home buyers. Chances of getting outbid in hot markets like GTA, Vancouver, and Victoria are very high. If you know the maximum amount you qualify for, you can plan your bids strategically. It also helps in finding a good realtor because they know you’re serious about getting a property in Ontario. 

Why should I get pre-approved?

Both, Bobby and Catherine, have been working in the real estate and mortgage industry for over a decade. With their combined experience and wealth of knowledge, Team BobCat Mortgages will help you find the best mortgage solution. They are hands-on, professional, and always ready to clear all your doubts. 

How are you different from other mortgage agents?

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Jay A

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Adept expertise in mortgage services! Very professional and understanding! Thanks to Team Bobcat we got our mortgage pre-approved!

Laura M

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Bobby and Catherine at Team BobCat Mortgages are excellent! They’re experienced and very knowledgeable about the mortgage industry. When I first contacted them, they immediately got back to me. During the consultation session, they educated me about the current market and what’s the best route for me to take to get pre-approved. Thank you for helping me out! Keep doing the good work.

Robert Harris

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It was a pleasure working with Team BobCat Mortgages. I appreciate the expertise and transparency that they maintained throughout the process. Thank you for helping me get approved for my second investment property.